AI-Powered Logo Design: Unveiling the Process with Midjourney and Discord

The logo featured in the header of was entirely crafted by AI. I utilized a tool called Midjourney for designing logos and t-shirt designs. Users engage with Midjourney software through the Midjourney Bot on Discord, an instant messaging and VoIP social platform. While this process saves me money on design, occasionally it may require more time.

It took approximately 2 hours to create the logo visible on this site. Initially, I refrained from asking Midjourney to design anything with text, as it often spelled words incorrectly or generated text in unfamiliar languages. However, I recently discovered that I could train Midjourney to improve its spelling. Although it functions best with single words, with practice and refined prompts, one could potentially derive multiple words or slogans from the tool. If you experiment with this and develop a reproducible method, feel free to share it in the comments below.

Upon conducting further research, I learned that I could influence a job’s composition, style, and colors by incorporating image links into a “/imagine” command prompt. To achieve this, I utilized a free online text-to-image generator to create several images. Subsequently, I uploaded these images to Discord.

When uploading the images to Discord, I was able to reference the image links by right-clicking the image in Discord and selecting “Copy Link.” Then, I pasted these image links in the prompt. According to the Midjourney documentation, when using images, the image links should precede any text prompts. Equipped with this knowledge, various text variations of the word I desired, and specific styling prompts, I commenced the iterative process until I obtained a usable logo.

Upon discovering designs that appealed to me, I utilized the “/describe” command to seek Midjourney’s assistance in prompt generation. This technique significantly contributed to fine-tuning the design to align with my preferences and will save you some time if you plan on trying this process out yourself.

Stay tuned for more upcoming blogs where I delve into how I utilize the Midjourney bot for logo and design tasks.

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